ISOspec Industrial Pumps

Engineered solutions

Davey ISOspec pumps are heavy duty, industrial, centrifugal, pumps that conform to ISO2858. They are dimensionally and operationally interchangeable with other similar pumps conforming to this standard and are sturdy, reliable, and long lasting with high performance.

Options available include:

  • Multiple ISO pumpset with common manifold and controller
  • ISOspec Boosters with a Diesel Engine; an industry leading diesel booster system consisting of a Davey ISOspec CF pump coupled to a diesel engine.
  • ISOspec Single Stage Long Coupled Pump; a convenient design supplied on a painted steel or galvanised base, long coupled to an electric motor using a spacer coupling.
  • ISOspec Single Stage Close Coupled Pump; a heavy duty pump that can handle flow rates up to 375m3/hr flow rate