Multimedia Tank Filters

Multimedia Tank Filters are specifically for the removal of bulk particles in water. Sediment, grit and turbidity in water cause problems with water systems and can cause blockages in pipes and fittings. Washing and plumbing fixtures can be stained and washing machines or dishwashers permanently damaged by silt.

Multimedia filtration is an economic means of removing the bulk of particles from a water supply (every particle large enough to be visible to the naked eye) and all particles likely to damage household appliances.

Multimedia Tank Filters are most commonly used for drinking water, process water, beverage industry, water bottling, laboratory use, food industry, prefiltration ahead of cartridge filters or Reverse Osmosis and other industrial applications where low contamination levels are needed.

The filter bed is maintained in a clean condition by regular backwashing to waste. This process reverses the flow through the filter, flushing accumulated dirt and regenerating the filter material.