Published On: March 2, 2021

Pumping Water Up The Hill

Grandparents Gwenda and Keith Duncan of Rainbow Flat in New South Wales definitely felt the effects of the bushfires that struck their property in November of 2019.

Gwenda and Keith Duncan – Rainbow Flat – NSW
Davey Master Dealer – Manning Valley Pumps, Wingham, NSW
Product donated: Davey Firefighter and hose kit

A year later they were interviewed by Channel 9- and their life was still in disarray. They have resorted to living in an unlined shed along with their daughter and her four children, after their uninsured family home was burnt to the ground. Keith remembers, “even the driveway was on fire”. And all of this took place whilst they were out fighting fires on an adjoining property, doing what they could in full community spirit.

Keith explained that they had a few peacocks and a handful of trees that survived and that he was bucketing water 200 metres up a hill to them… from a dam. To help ease the burden Davey stepped in and offered a Firefighter pump and hose kit to assist getting the much needed water “uphill”.

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