Quality Control

The promise of reliability is core to what we do, and what our reputation has been built upon

Testing and quality control is critical, ensuring your product is the absolute best it can be. Every single one of our products is tested for function, performance and pressure leaks, and doesn’t leave our factory until it receives the tick of approval. This means hooking the pump up to power and water and actually running it up to pressure to make sure all is as it should be. You don’t get that on a cheaper pump!

Our pumps have been proven to perform well in some of the world’s harshest climates, in our manufacturing we replicate these conditions in our environmental cabinet, where our pumps are run for months at a time at 50°C and 100% humidity (that’s a bit hot!).

We even “torture-test” our pumps and regularly test them off our assembly line for up to 500,000 cycles. This means turning the pump on, bringing it up to pressure and turning it off again, to indicate one cycle. This testing is equivalent to 10 years of domestic use by a family of 4 with many of these pumps running far longer, for 750,000 or even 1 million cycles!

For long bearing life we need minimal vibration and to deliver that we regularly check that our motors are fitted at the perfect centre of the motor shell.

The electric motor is a major component and something that can’t afford to fail. At Davey, we take our motors very seriously. We heat our motor shells to 140 degrees and shrink them on to the stator to eliminate the chance of movement that can lead to failure.

You can depend on Davey for quality and reliability, every time.