Published On: May 28, 2020

When Australian native plants are life

Barry Hicks, Tyringham RFS volunteer and plant aficionado, has been propagating local native rainforest species for reforestation with the Dandarrga Landcare group in Dorrigo for years.

Barry Hicks – Tyringham, NSW
Davey Premium Master Dealer, North Coast Power and Water Coffs Harbour, NSW
Product Donated: HS60-08T Home Pressure System

Unfortunately, the bushfires in September 2019 meant that he lost all of his water transfer equipment and many of the precious trees he had be working so tirelessly on replanting.

Fortunately, a team of volunteers from the Dandarrga Landcare Group managed to rescue over 3,000 trees and move them to the local Dorrigo nursery in October, although many of the trees had their pots melted around them when the fires descended.

Davey Equipment

Barry is now trying to re-establish his own nursery. He will use the pressure system donated by Davey to irrigate over 22 sprinkler heads for his nursery igloos, plus transfer water to his house. Pictured here are two holding tanks which melted during the fire plus a Davey Firefighter, which Barry had since 1994.

For more information about Dandarrga Landcare and their tireless work to propagate native species visit